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You have a choice to where you want to have your baby. I know it soulds a little crazy but, have your baby nder will ease the pain.

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My mom had one of hers in the water/tub. And I've always wanted to try it.

Not only should women have their babies under water but they should stay as far away from doctors as possible. Doctors make natural childbirth unnatural with too many interventions. They only care about the money. Birth is natural and women have been birthing babies for centuries. Men only started getting involved since the late 1800's to early 1900's because they saw it as a money-making opportunity. They actually started going after midwives similar to a witch hunt.

Have your babies at home ladies!!! No drugs, no interventions. We were made strong and powerful to be able to do it! You harm your baby when you involve doctors and drugs.

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