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I have reoccuring bouts of BV that leave a lingering fishy odour that leaves me incredibly self-conscious. After reading threads and researching home remedies, I've finally found a remedy that works with me!

So, when I start to smell that fishy odor, I insert a 250mg uncoated Vitamin C tablet into my vagina overnight. I do this for two nights in a row. Usually the smell is gone after the first night. But, what tends to keep my BV away is taking a Women's multivitamin every night, as well as 500mg of Vitamin C (orally), 2000mg of Vitamin D and a RePhresh Pro-B capsule. I do this every night and my BV usually doesn't come back until I start to slack on my nightly routine. I do find that after my period there is a slight odour that returns, but then I just insert a Vitamin C tablet overnight and I'm good to go!

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Omg I cannot insert any type of pill into my vagina it will cause a terrible yeast infection smh I'm depressed beyond measure about this

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