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What my family has done for years is get a match, light it, and blow it out. And as soon as it go's out put it on the skin right beside the tick. And it will come out on it's own. Either that or get hot candle wax. But it on the tick. Let it set for a couple of mintuts them remove the wax. The tick should come right of with the wax.

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Never use a match. It's dangerous on 9 times out of 10 it does not work.


Why would you want to burn your dog when there's much easier ways to get a tick out! That's horrible.


Can we say, ABUSE!! Is that really how you remove a tick from yourself or your child?!? Animals are no different, they feel pain. This also makes the tick vomit back into the bite and cause higher risk of infection!!


Calm down people! Thats not abuse! My family also uses this method and it works just fine. Used this on my daughter and if you aren't an idiot, wont burn anyone! If you do your research, only certain ticks carry lyme disease and it wont be transfered until a complete feeding which is obvious by the size and type of the tick.


No Nunya, if all of you people actually did research you would know that you DO NOT BURN TICKS! This causes them to regurgitate their contents right back into the hosts bloodstream, along with many bacteria. It is NOT a safe method!!!!! Don't do it!!!

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