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To treat depression one should do things to take their mind off of whatever the problem may be. One should surround themselves with lots of loved one and PRAY there is so much power in PRAYER. It's amazing believe me.

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Prayer always works for me. I had a job that I LOATHED going to. Just knowing I had to go in would set me in a depressed mood for the entire day. I got in the habit of praying a few minutes before I clocked in and before I knew it I would be smiling and in a great mood. Of course I still hated being there, but it made it much more tolerable. I think just talking and asking for strength to get through the day helps so much.


I think you're thinking about being depressed. For most people who have depression, there is no 'cause' for feeling the way they do. I'm not saying don't pray at all, just that I think you're mixed up.


Surrounding yourself with loved ones only works if you have anyone that cares about you. Many people don't want to have anything to do with people that are depressed. But, prayer is always a good thing.


You have to take into consideration that not everyone is religious. I am an atheist, so you should type those of you who are religious praying might be an effective way to help your depression.


I am an atheist as well. Praying to something that may or may not even exist is last on my list of priorities.

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