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Give your pet a bath in dawn dish-washing liquid the fleas die quickly.Also mix some in a sprayer to spray infested area`s they die to.

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Kim Marsh, LMT Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage, Des Moines, IA

We have never had fleas in 5 years. all of a sudden when kittens were born, they showed up. Today they are 15 days old, and we did the dawn wash and rinse in clear water.

It worked really well, but I had to tweezer off some of the dead fleas. I highly recommend Dawn!

The wildlife rescue workers use it to get grease off the oil slicked animals, and I use it in my massage business to was my hads with too. It keeps the drain running well after washing massage cream off my hands several times a day.

Thanks for the suggestion. for fleas.


Oh yes, Dawn does work. I don't know about the other ones, Dawn seems to work the best. I've had a flea infestation this year in and outside of my home. I am battling fleas to the point my 17 year old had a nightmare a couple of nights ago about fleas. I desperately need some advice on getting rid of them in my yard. Insecticides are not working, they keep coming back. It's awful. What about mothballs under a house? Does that really work>


The Dawn REALLY works!!!! Also, if you want to keep them down in your yard over the summer,fill an insecticide sprayer with water and then pour in a small bottle of Dawn. Spray the entirety of your yard after the first time you mow for the season, and your pets will pick up no fleas from the yard!!


I just bathe my dog in Dawn dish soap and now my dog is flea free. Try it. It works better than any of the over-the-counter (high price) product. I watched the fleas fall off my dog.


My kitten was suffering massively, we only got her a week ago but her fleas were intense. She was to young to use any chemicals but this really worked. It didn't get rid of them all but it gave her some relief.


Thank You Very Much!!!!

I read this about an hour ago and i didnt have any dawn so i thought i would improvise and used sunlight dishsoap lemon lol
As i washed my dog i watched the fleas fall off like counted 17 then i rinsed her and all the fleas down the drain she shook as i dried her off and then counted another 56 in the bottom of the tub THX!


Dawn is a great product for killing fleas it can also be put in one of those fertilzer containers that you hook up to your hose and spray your lawn it not only kills the fleas but your grass will love it and turn the richest of greens.... I've been doing this for years and I own 9 dogs.... All flea free...


Do you think if I hate to see him suffer please help!!

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