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Give your pet a bath in dawn dish-washing liquid the fleas die quickly.Also mix some in a sprayer to spray infested area`s they die to.

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After reading this ad I got a spray bottom and filled it up with water and dawn dish washing liquid and sprayed my dog...


the dish washing liquid really works thank you!


ive try.d several remedys this one seems the best thanks


Will it work on hard wood floors too and what about my furniture?

Cindy D.

I have 4 week old kittens that were infested with fleas. Since you can not use any of teh products available in stores on kittens under 10 weeks old and I did not want the kittens to be eaten up (poor things), I searched the internet for a gentle flea remedy. I got a plastic dish pan, sat it in the tub, and filled it with lukewarm water and a few drops of Dawn. Then, I filled the tub with clean lukewarm water. I then submerged the kittens in the dishpan for about 30 seconds to a minute(holding only their head above water). They didn't put up much of a fight. I then rinsed each kitten in the clean water and dried them with a clean handtowel. I could actually see the dead fleas on the underside of teh kittens when I dried them. (Make sure you have a warm spot to put them without any drafts. I used a space heater on a higher shelf in our closet!!)

I also filled the tub with lukewarm water and Dawn and washed the mother. She put up much more of a fight though!! :) Afterwards, I put a flea collar on the mother.

While I was doing all of this my husband removed the bedding that the cat and kittens use and sprinkled our closet (our mother had her kittens in our closet)with epsom salt, waited five minutes, and vacuumed it really well.

We replaced the bedding with clean, and laundered the towels from the bath and the bedding in hot water and laundry soap TWICE!!

We then vacuumed our whole house well and disposed of the vacuum bag. We also put a flea collar in our new vacuum bag and vacuumed ever couple of days.

We haven't seen any fleas since then and the kittens weren't hurt. It hurt me to have to wash the poor things, but it was better for them then being ate up by fleas.


I used Ajax instead of Dawn dishwashing liquid, because that was what I had on hand at the time. I could see them falling off. It worked great thanks for the tip!


We just finished this on our cat and it really works. We used Sun detergent because thats what we had, thanks for the tip!

Brittany D

I just got done using a half of a small bottle of Dawn on my 55 pound dog. She's really old and the vet said no advantage. She no longer has fleas and she's not sick so i highly recommend it! Try it. It works!


yeah all this works great.. to get fleas off. but they keep coming cant just go out an spray your yard with dawn.. you would have bubbles all in your lawn..
but yeah.. if you need to dump the fleas off your pet dawn works


i have just tried it and it works.. i didn't think that i will see so many fleas on my dog but i got a reality chack ,i was shocked! . thank you

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