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I was putting anbesol on my aching toothe. It cut out some of the pain. I had to get some sleep so I took a shot of Nyquil to help me (figuring it had some pain killer and something to help me sleep). The pain went away within 2 minutes and I slept all night

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Thanks so Much! I had tried everything and was in tears before I saw this posting! I called my mom asked her to bring over some nyquil, by this time I had taken everything and nothing was helping, so I just swished the nyquil around where the pain was for about 2 minutes, spit it out and let the remainder run down the side of my throat that was suffering from the toothach. Within 2 minutes I was completely pain free! That's been over an hour ago and still no pain!


Thank you for the tip ! I was in such pain and my 'shock' treatment was not working so I bought NyQuil. Now I would not call it instant relief, but after a few minutes I was feeling much much better.

I swashed my mouth, not swallow the stuff, not sure it makes a difference. There is a short moment of pain increase then relief. Thanks again.

Is it the alchol that helps? If so, I should prolly just get a bottle, lol.

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