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I suffered from BV for the last 13 yrs let me tell you it's been a ride the doctor the antibiotics the creams the douching the crazy things from garlic to you yogurt apple cider vinegar baths and sea salt soaks wew and let me say douching is not healthy but the smell is so horrid I would cut my finger off to get rid of BV.One simple vitamin D and one folic acid pill both of them are good for you so it's no foreign medicine in your body. I personally recommend them. It worked for me its been the best 2 month's of my entire life. Please try if you haven't you have nothing to lose but 8 bucks the cost of the pills 4 bucks each at walmart
Good luck

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Which brand of pills are they from Walmart


Did u take them orally?


I have suffered from bv for years! I noticed I had it when I was 18 and I'm now 27. I get so down and out because it's embarrassing and no one can relate or keep my secret. I just want to live a happy healthy life. I just had a baby and that was the first time I didn't have it, but now since I have had her its back again!!!! I need help! I need something cheap, but will help me. I'm desperate!


Hydrogen peroxide will get rid of the nacteria its only $1.50 for the large one. Pour it in your vag and let it pour out about 2 or 3 times. Also plain greek yogurt gets rid of discomfort. But hydrogen peroxide clears it up after a few days.


Peroxide mixed with water works best gets rid of the smell and discomfort..

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