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I have been trying the tie off method with my skin tag that is located near my anal and vaginal area. I used dental floss and it has cut into the skin because I can see blood near where I tied the floss at the base. The skin tag was originally flatter and smaller than the size of a pea. After trying liquid bandage and failing since the liquid bandage wouldn't stay on since there is a lot of friction in the area, I tried the tie off method.

The skin tag is now very swollen and round instead of flat like before, almost the size of a pea, feels inflamed. The tag was leaking fluid and is still bleeding little by little. I continue to clean it and keep the string on but I'm not sure if I should just try to cut off the string.

The skin tag is slightly darker purple and feels a little cold... does that mean that the string is successfully cutting off blood circulation?
I'm wondering if I should give up since I am experiencing pain, can't really move around, and the area is bleeding slightly. I am unsure of how this skin tag will die and fall off since the 'stalk' or the base of the skin tag is pretty wide. I tied as tight as I could but the base of the tag has so much skin that the diameter seems bigger than normal skin tags. Does anybody have any suggestions?
Remove the string to reduce swelling and risk infection? Keep going because it is working?

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I feel like I must've read all the warnings here at some point, and totally ignored them. I'm actually glad I did. I had a small hemmorhoid tag removed last year (on my doctors advice- I wish I'd thought twice), and was left post op with a walnut sized hemmie that left a huge skin tag. Which he removed, leaving behind two smaller skin tags. I removed one successfully with a tag band kit (modified by using a larger tube to fit), and was successful. It hurt for a few days, but withered and fell off. I'm on the 5th day of the second tag, and no problems. I'm really glad I went this route, as the scalpel seamed to cause a lot more problems. It seams to me from all I've read that it's successful to remove anal tags this way, but makes active hemorrhoids much worse.


I just want to share my experience..I had this skin tag near my vagina's quite big like my thumb.i search a lot how to remove it at home.and I see a most of these method is "tying".I did it last first it hurts so bad,it swells,have some blood streaks that I decided to take off the tie but I can't cause it hurts..and I can't walk normally..I have to take painkillers to ease the pain..but today,thank's finally gone..I feel so relieved


I am so glad I found this forum. I've had a skin tag on my rear for years which fluctuates in size and more than anything makes me self conscious with my partner as it is so unattractive. I finally started researching what this darn thing is and felt relief that I am not so unique. I tried a couple of rounds with Dr Scholl's Freeze Away and saw no difference. So I read all these comments about the tie-off method. Feeling supported in this stupid endeavor by everyone's feedback here. Tied this buggar off last night - today it is purple and yep, it sure hurts. I will add a follow up if and when this thing comes off, or if I turn into an ER horror story!

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