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I have been trying the tie off method with my skin tag that is located near my anal and vaginal area. I used dental floss and it has cut into the skin because I can see blood near where I tied the floss at the base. The skin tag was originally flatter and smaller than the size of a pea. After trying liquid bandage and failing since the liquid bandage wouldn't stay on since there is a lot of friction in the area, I tried the tie off method.

The skin tag is now very swollen and round instead of flat like before, almost the size of a pea, feels inflamed. The tag was leaking fluid and is still bleeding little by little. I continue to clean it and keep the string on but I'm not sure if I should just try to cut off the string.

The skin tag is slightly darker purple and feels a little cold... does that mean that the string is successfully cutting off blood circulation?
I'm wondering if I should give up since I am experiencing pain, can't really move around, and the area is bleeding slightly. I am unsure of how this skin tag will die and fall off since the 'stalk' or the base of the skin tag is pretty wide. I tied as tight as I could but the base of the tag has so much skin that the diameter seems bigger than normal skin tags. Does anybody have any suggestions?
Remove the string to reduce swelling and risk infection? Keep going because it is working?

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No no

So what did you do to remove skin tag after swelling I'm experiencing same thing


Did you stick it out?


I really don't know guys... I don't think a hemorrhoid ligation is something you should try at home. I had my hemorrhoids ligated with the thd procedure last year and even though everything was done properly, I was in pain for a few days and the area was wound. So I have a feeling you are risking a serious infection there! I know getting hemorrhoids treated properly can cost quite a bit but I don't think going to the hospital with an infection comes much cheaper! Go and talk to your doctor and stop experimenting at home please!


Any updates?? It turning purple and cold is definitely a sign of the blood being Cut off. So wondering if you stuck it out


As I have not tried the tying off method, I am strongly considering it. I purchased some embroidery floss and plan on using that.

As to the comment about not trying it, I went to my (very well-respected) internist thinking they were hemorrhoids and found out they were skin tags. I felt by what my dr said, that I should try it myself. The clinic has what must be a dr's version of webmd and that was listed as a solution. Put it this way, she didn't say not to try it. I am sure she wouldn't say as then she would be liable.... I am sure personal hygiene is of the utmost importance when doing this.


Take a hair strand from horse tail, tied it around
Skin tag, it will fall off in few day spontaneously.


I ended up sticking it out but the pain was pretty excruciating especially since I just tried to go about my daily activities. After a very close inspection, the skin was horribly torn near the floss which was the actual source of the pain. The skin tag actually had no nerves at all and was not causing any of the pain. I just starting snipping away at it little by little just to make sure that it was not 'alive'. I could have probably cut it off days and days ago but the 'swelling' made me worried. I think it was just a little bit of swelling but the circulation was successfully cut off and after it died, it just never shrunk like I thought it would.

To people experiencing this, I would suggest to just pinch the skin tag to check if the skin tag is already dead or not. I thought mine wasn't ready to cut off and would just wait for it to 'fall off' like people say, but since floss or string usually cuts the skin and causes pain, check to see if the tag is purple/black and has any feeling to avoid less pain.

After cutting it off until the area was flat again, the healing process was actually quick and not painful at all, at least for me.


A cautionary tale. I had a small skin tag after hemorrhoids, the doctor who did my internal banding said for one so small he wouldn't recommend removing it.

I looked online for home remedies to shrink it and saw several successful stories of people who had tied it off with floss or an elastic.

So off I went, got some of those little hair elastics, wrapped it around a few times (this was hard to do, I had my butt in the air, a hand mirror propped on the floor, and it took several tries).

At first, all seemed well. The pain was horrible, but I felt like that meant it was working.

Two days later, I was in so much pain. I looked, and to my horror, it was a blood-filled, swollen, bulging mess around my butthole.

I thought the elastic was still there, so off I waddled to the ER, where I saw a doctor who said the elastic had fallen off but it had ulcerated the skin so badly I might need surgery.

I spent the next 7 hours at emergency waiting to see the surgeon not knowing if I was going to have to go in for butt surgery or not.

Luckily, the surgeon said she thought it would heal with time and sitz baths.

Please, don't mess with this. I think I can live with the skin tag. I am still in a lot of pain and this will take weeks to heal, if it does properly.


I've a skin tag on but hole for few years now went doctors and she sid if I wanted she contact d surgin to inject it it never bothered me never sore but am worried it cud turn in to something else feel so sad any help


After bad hems during pregnancy i had a stapled surgery for them i was left with large skin tags that i went for a following operation to remove to wake up find id had to have the first operation repeated and 1 skin tag cut of 3 weeks after the surgery i decided to tie of 1 of the 2 remaining large skin tags was in agony for a week still sore from previouse op tried cutting the string id tied it with of but its to tight its bin 3 weeks just tied there swollen pains subsided some what but still uncomftable the tying isnt working to enbarresd to go the doctors i have a check up with the surgen in 8 weeks so im gunna bare with it till i see him and see what he says weather he will do another op to remove it its so depressing i dont think people should risk trying this method for large skin tags i was stupid to but so desperate to get rid of these horrible things

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