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For boils, cut a brown paper sack and fold into a patch large enough to cover the affected area.Soak the paper in vinegar, tape over boil, allow to dry. By the time it dries the boil will be to a head and ready to pop, or it will pop by itself.

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It worked, but now I smell like a salad.
: )


This is the best remedy I've ever tried. And I've tried a couple. I may smell like vinegar for 24 hours but when that bad boy pops. Nothing beats the relief of that boiler being gone.


Well - I tried this method...And it seems as though it is starting to work - but after well over an hour 'starting' is all I have...Not to mention that the vinegar makes it burn like the devil!! OMG! I am going to give it another try tomorrow after work...

kim c

omg! you have got to be the smartest person in the world! ive tried remedies for years and this actually worked! im buying stock in vinegar lol. thanks so much!


ab out to try it,hope it works.


Thank you!!!!!! I kept it on for about 4 to 6 hours and during the time it helped with the pain and then took it off and it had popped and hen I woke up the next morning it had drained completely and there was no more pain. Thank you so much!!!!!

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