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I have found the most painless and simple solution! Had a skin tag for years and tried multiple times to tie it off however it either became too painful or the string came off in the night. Recently I had enough of it and thought I would tie it off once and for all however after 3 days the pain was unbearable and I was unable to sleep, I then tried freezing it off, this did nothing but cause infection, after a nightmare 2 weeks I decided to just cut it however this is more painful than many of the stories I have read make out so after many failed attempts I bought a cream called EMLA which completely numbs the area and is designed for this particular use, left the area smothered for 10 minutes and cut with sharp scissors, I felt a slight pinch but basically nothing and I'm so relieved to have it finally gone! It bled a fair bit so I smothered the area with antiseptic and applied cotton padding. This is honestly the best, quickest and most painless solution! I also had painkillers on hand for after when the cream wore off. Trust me, don't go through all the hassle, buy the cream and cut it!

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Are you still alive??
My skin tag is flat like someone else mentioned above, flat and it has a large base. It seems like it's alive. sometimes it gets bigger, sometimes it shrinks. It really bothers me when I sit. Also can't wear thongs anymore, really irritates it.
So you just chopped it off and you are fine????


Haha yes i'm still alive, I had so much distress trying to get rid of it and tried everything but that cream really is a life saver. It's been a few months now and the tag hasn't shown any signs of growing back and it's a huge relief to have it gone. I'd strongly recommend buying the cream to numb it and then cutting it off as I mentioned. Good luck.


Where do you get the cream


You were very lucky. Some anal skin tags can be complicated even for a colon-rectal surgeon. Loss of continence could arise. I just had the surgery and am glad I did it the safe way.



I wanted to ask did you have intense swelling and painful post procedure ? Can you describe your post experience ?


Sorry for the late reply, I got the cream from boots pharmacy, I asked for an anaesthetic cream and this is what was given to me. After having cut the tag off and applying cream the bleeding stopped and just turned into a normal cut, it was a little painful that night but nothing compared to when I tried to tie it off with string. The next day I felt fine and within a few days it had completely healed, no problems since then! Trust me this is the best method if you don't want to see a doctor, very little pain and easy to do!

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