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restless leg syndrome
According to the Restless Leg Syndrome Association and the results from brain tissues at Johns Hopkins Medical... this problem is from not enough B6 and iron... I had this problem after a surgry-- was given Neurontin and had balance problems... when I took the iron and B6 pills they sometimes give after a surgery... the problem disappeared..

I also find that magnesium and potassium help

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For Enald....Yes, I bought two of the books. FAKE!
One says that salt is the problem....the other
says that dairy is the problem. I was so desperate
that I 'bit' on these fakes. How anyone can take
advantage of people that are suffering so intensely
baffles me. This website is much more helpful.
I hope the vitamin suggestions work because I am
at wit's end.


I am suffering from RLS tonight. In pretty much my whole right side. I am about to go crazy! This is the most horrible feeling EVER! I've had it before but, only in my legs. Been having tension headaches too! Figure thats what brought on the RLS. I don't really know. I'm going to talk to my Dr. about iron/mag/and i think B12. i can't deal with this much longer! I feel for everybody who suffers from this. I just want it to end!

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