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restless leg syndrome
According to the Restless Leg Syndrome Association and the results from brain tissues at Johns Hopkins Medical... this problem is from not enough B6 and iron... I had this problem after a surgry-- was given Neurontin and had balance problems... when I took the iron and B6 pills they sometimes give after a surgery... the problem disappeared..

I also find that magnesium and potassium help

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This posting made my day. Thank you so much. You are freakin awesome.


i am 9 months pregnant, my potassium and iron levels have been low. first search i did to find a cure for my non-stop RLS the past few months and i see this post. thank you!


i am already taking a crap load of potassium oxilate and magnesium oxide for my kidney stone doesn't seem to make a dent in my RLS I am at a complete loss!


I have had RLS for years. I have also had low iron and b6 for years. I recently went through intensive Iron Injections for the past few months. My RLS totally disappeared. As soon as they filled me with Vitamin B6 and Iron, I found instant relief.


I have been on Ropinirol for years and it makes me SO sleepy that most of the time during the day I skip taking it. I just read this post and am going to try the B6, iron, magnesium and potassium...I hope this works!!


Has anyone tried any of the on-line e-books like What's that about? I hate to spend $30 bucks for nothing. There are a few of them, so I'm skeptical.


how much of the iron & b6 do you take?


LADIES try this it worked for me I had night sweats BAD and Restless leg syndrom and a lady I met told me to try 1200 I.U. of Vitamen D once a day and after 2 days both problems were GONE and have not returned.this is god sent information! If you are on any medications ask your doctor if you can take 1200 I.U. of vitamen D if you are a bigger woman you might have to take more. I am 5'5 130pds GOOD LUCK ladies I hope this works for you to! Sincerly,Veronica {}


Be very careful about the 'low in iron' comment. My husband has hemachromatosis (iron overload) where the body can NOT metabolize iron. If you take iron, it can actually kill you if you have this disorder. Please check into this disorder before taking iron supplements. RLS IS a symptom of iron overload! Just make sure before you self-treat...


I have RLS in my arms, legs chest, my whole body. It’s horrifying just to go to bed at night.
I picked up some Iron and B-6 and took the first dose tonight then I read that “RLS IS a symptom of iron overload!” So now if it gets even worse, I’ll let you all know. Damn!!

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