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I know it sounds nasty but it really works. just a half tsp of your urine in the infected/aching ear, you don't have to let it sit long at all, you should feel relief almost instantly! I was only 13 when I tried this and I never got one again and it's been 13 years!

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This is exactly how my Mom treated our ear aches. It worked every time!


Does it hurt

tea b n charge

Yes, also a dap of fecal material under the nose will facilitate as well...


That is about nasty! There ain't no way I am going to put any piss in my ear, mine or not! May be good for yours or anyone else's but not this home girls ears. I also saw on TV that if your thirsty,and can't find water,you can drink your pee. But not me again. I'd die thirsty lol. Ewah Ewah Ewah


I have been suffering for ages... Was crying with the Pain.
And thought ok items nasty what have I got to loose I would try any tying

Got to say it really relives the pain

Martin Andersen

Logically what urine does when it breaks down is create amonia, which is a very potent disinfectant. Very good tip, thanks!


Yes, urine in your ear so nasty. But my great grandmother did this to me why I was a child and the pain immediately went away.


Yes, my aunt's Dr. told her to pee on her chapped hands 80yrs ago. Gross, but works!


I have fluid in my ears will this still help


Homie don't play like that

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