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I hear about peroxide and lysine vitamins... Has anyone tried making a paste out of the two if so any info about it? If not... Guess I am the guinie pig I popped the blister, applied alcohol and now testing the peroxide/lysine paste... We'll see!

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I get fever blisters anytime I am sick, sunburned or stressed out. So bad that my doctor finally prescribed Valtrex. It keeps them at bay for the most part. However, when I do get them... I found that zit cream works the best. It's basically just peroxide paste. Dap it on before you go to bed and it'll be dried out in the morning.

Popi chachi

I put peroxide on my yesterday and its swollen like crazy.before it was a small one,@ in minutes icy lip got 3 times bigger as did the blister.the only thing I could find that would take the swellen down was warm tea bag & directly after put ice on it.repeated till no swellen.because abreva cost so much.i put on before bed.trick is to dry lip completely apply it.then air dry the abreva on with fan,hairdryer,ect.just enough to dry the med on the lip.woke up this morning ,and it's so much better.its still there just not swollen or blistering scabed up,if you have sores a lot then you know scabs are a good sign that it's over ,& only going to get better from this point on.this time was the first time i had swellen thow.

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