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I was so releaved to find this site. Reading the other suggestions helped so much. I ended up going to the walk in clinic and after 2 hours of irrigating my ear it was still clogged! They sent me home with the syringe which was like an enema syringe. I used the over the counter ear drops 2-3 times a day and irrigated afterwards. It took 3 days until finally a huge mass came out. The only way I could describe it was like a piece of chicken. The extra pressure of the large syringe did the trick. Also I let the drops sit for 20-30 minutes. Hope this helps!

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Please help me. Im a young girl that cant afford to go to a doctors and both my ears are serverly blocked.. So much so that i cant hear very well anymore. Ive tried ear drops, olive oil & running warm water through my wars but nothing seems to be working. Please help. Im scared

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