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For Genital Warts just pop about 4-6 Garlic liquid capsules a day. At first I had 2 then a few more came. I took about 4 pills a day and on the 3rd day the last few warts were gone and the 1st 2 dissapeared about 3 weeks later. I still take 2 a day just to keep them away and its been about 2 months and no warts. Im not Kidding!I thought it was hopeless when i couldnt find a remedy then i saw that garlic worked as a virus killer so I tried it. My husband had a few also and his are all gone except for his 1st one which is so tiny its not even noticable. Jar can be bought at walmart for about $4.00 and says take 2-3 a day but just take about 4-6 for a jump start then drop to 2-3 daily when theyre gone.

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My ex husband gave me genital warts. Now I see it's actually pretty common but here's my dilemma:
I had a kidney transplant 8 years ago. I take immunosuppresives daily so the 'normal' treatments are out of the question. I had the big ones cut off after a tubal ligation but the doctor who performed the surgery said I would have to go in for more treatments, which I can't afford. I tried Imoquid (not sure i spelled that right) which lightened the color but didn't take them away. The doc just said if I was only bothered for aesthetic reasons and had no burning, itching, or pain that I should just live with it. I have had this problem for 6 years, since my ex. I can understand what the guy said about wanting to jump off a bridge, lol. I meet men, but tell them about my warts (it took a long time for me not to feel ashamed, and I am totally upfront and honest). They seem totally sympathic and remain my friend, but distance themselves. 6 years!!! I really need to find a cost-effective way to get rid off them.


Is really garlic pills works to eliminates the genital warts or its just a made up myth?


I have been using Nair for almost a year never had a problem. Then my silly girlfriend thought she would use it and it blister her. She said that you had bumps since I have never had a neural disease didn't think anything about it. And holy behold now I got genital warts. Went to the doctor got white ointment I use it 3 times a week. But then I found out about garlic I'm also trying it. I will let everyone know how it turns out.


There was a 2014 study on the 6 month cure:

My ex gave it to me; ACV worked to burn off layers of the wart. I followed the tender skin up with zinc oxide 40\\% diaper rash cream to heal the skin/area.

Orally I took 10mg/kg of zinc; spread out 4x a day, for my body weight it was just under 600mg of zinc. I got the research from Mayo Clinic. I finally got Kyolic to continue boosting my immune system and healing from internally.

When you understand the pharmacology of the RX and the homeopathic sides to treat warts, it is your preference how you want to treat them. Numerous ppl have reported cryosurgery after cryosurgery or office visit after office visit.

The surrounding areas turn white when there are presence of warts in an acidic solution (ACV). Take care not to burn healthy skin. It takes 1-4 weeks to clear the warts. When they turn black or brown? They are still there.

The dr had a solution that was similar to LIQUID BANDAGE. Honestly? Liquid bandage was cheaper. It suffocates the wart and causes any damaged healthy skin to heal.

Hygiene is important. Stress being managed is important. Your stress will bring more out.


are you not supposed to smoke cigarettes or weed?


Garlic killed mine in two weeks. The ones on the out side it killed in 3-4 days then I realized theyare on the inside. Drenched my tampons in garlic and WAH-la gone in two weeks is one of the best antibiotics known to man it literally kills any infection in the body Do you know why they say garlic kills vampires becauseback in the day People even believed that when they got sick they were possessed by demons and when they ate garlic it would kill the sickness. So they thought it fought off demons

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