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For Genital Warts just pop about 4-6 Garlic liquid capsules a day. At first I had 2 then a few more came. I took about 4 pills a day and on the 3rd day the last few warts were gone and the 1st 2 dissapeared about 3 weeks later. I still take 2 a day just to keep them away and its been about 2 months and no warts. Im not Kidding!I thought it was hopeless when i couldnt find a remedy then i saw that garlic worked as a virus killer so I tried it. My husband had a few also and his are all gone except for his 1st one which is so tiny its not even noticable. Jar can be bought at walmart for about $4.00 and says take 2-3 a day but just take about 4-6 for a jump start then drop to 2-3 daily when theyre gone.

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This condition MUST be treated by a doctor. It is a virus that can lie dormant for the rest of your life even if you remove the existing warts. There is now a vaccine but even when you believe you've treated them yourself, women esp., you have more internally that might cause cervical cancer. Don't risk it -- see your gynecologist who will do cryosurgery (freezing) or cauterizing (heat). You'll be numb for this as they spray a local pain reliever prior to the procedure. Beg not to be treated by prescribed topical irritant (an acid) as you will wish you never had sex at all.


As a follow up to my previous post concerning the topical prescription acid which I described is called Podophylox.


I agree with the condition needing to be treated by a doctor. I was diagnosed with hpv at the age of 19, and hearing the words of possible cervical cancer really freaked me out. I had laser surgery to have them removed and did all post op procedures at home that they said to do and now 19 years later, so far have had no recurrence. Be sure to have your annual pap and pelvic done.


this post is bullcrap. Some ppl can rid themselves of the virus on their own, some can't. The garlic may have helped, but most likely not. It was the person's own immune system that made the warts unnoticable. They're still there, unfortunately.

I got genital warts 5 years ago from an ex g/f. The biggest one I had, however, never came back after it was supressed. But it took about 8 acid treatments at the doc's office over the course of 3 years to get rid of it.

First, I ws prescribed podophylin, the gel and then the liquid, neither did anything but hurt the normal surrounding skin and make the wart tender and scab up. It was horrible. Over a year of pain and sexual deprivation w/ no results.

Podophylox, applied by doctors only, is a higher concentration of podophylin, and both, by the way, do not work via their acidity, and I dont even know for sure their respective ph levels or even if they are, indeed, acidic. They are derived from a tree resin that has antimitotic properties, meaning that it hinders or disrupts mitosis, or cellular division.

Podophylin is a lengthy, painful treatment option that has less than promising success rates. The acid the doc puts on w/ a toothpick, that is the way to go. Make sure it hurts you before the doc stops applying it, trust me. I went 8 freakin' times tellin' him to put more on, and finally when I got curt with him, demanding he put more on, he did, and I got a nice sizzlin' burning pain right where that damn thing was. But, what do you know, it never came back.

Its because the concentrated acid (forgot the name, starts with 's' I think) the doc uses can easily burn right threw your whole body, if you use enough of it. But you want the acid to eat all the way through the wart tissue, and along with the surrounding and underlying healthy tissue too. Not too much, obviously, but ur wart won't come back if this is done correctly. Any surrounding virus particles will be completely destroyed and, by theory, the wart cannot come back unless you get reinfected in the same area. You may have a scar from it, but its better than a wart. And scars fade, warts spread, you weigh out the pros and cons.

If the acid thing freaks you out: I had 2 other, smaller warts that I got rid of on my own, after nothing else helped. I simply dug in with my thumb nails and 'pinced' the suckers right off. You'll bleed, kind of alot, but you'll notice it doesn't hurt, unless you dig too deep, because you cant sense any feeling in your wart, its foreign tissue. You want to get a lil pain from it, because as mentioned above, the surrounding tissue has virus particles in it that are the reason the warts can come back. This method won't rid the area completely of the hpv virus, but the combination of the slight trauma to the area along with a steady 1-2 week regimine of 3% hydrogen peroxide applications immediately following the 'pincing' will boost your immune system enough, hopefully, to erradicate the virus. The trauma will heighten your immune system's ability to recognize the virus and infected skin cells as foreign invaders and also will localize more of your 'fighter' cells to the area. The hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the crap out of everything there, something your healthy cells can deal with, at least longer than the virus can. Your own immune system uses free radical oxidation to fight infections in the first place, so basically its just sdding to the 'artillery'. Finally, your body seems to be able to fight off small traces of hpv easier than a big, warty mass. I'm unsure of the mechanisms behind this 'theory', but it makes sense if you think about it.

Hope I was helpful, warts suck, and they make you feel horrible. I almost wanted to kill myself, I seriously contemplated it when I just couldn't get rid of the damn things. I thought I'd never get to move on and find a decent girl and just be happy and normal again. Just rest assure, they WILL GO AWAY. Unless you have HIV or something similar, I promise anyone who's got them, your warts will eventually be gone. So don't kill yourself, please, lol.

ps- don't smoke or drink too much either, its proven that this lengthens the time to get rid of them, especially smoking.


sorry, correction, podophylox liquid or Condylox gel are the two at home treatment options I used, and they both contain podophyllin. Your doctor can apply a 20\\\\% solution of podophyllin that you later wash off. And the acid that I described doesnt start with an 's', its called trichloroacetic acid, and again, its the way go.


As everyone else said getting rid of genital warts doesn't always work like that but if you stay healthly and don't smoke you can prevent them from popping up or at least less frequently. has lots of info on the disease treatment options and other STD's that may effect your life.

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to all the people above..there is not much difference in the fact they used garlic tablets and 'we' have used the doctors treatments..! Regardless the virus can stay in your skin, no matter what the treatment. It really depends on how well you take care of yourself after the removal of the wart. I assume doctors treatments are not working which is why you were on here looking for a natural remedy. So quit talking to the woman like shes stupid for believing that she got rid of it w/ garlic. B/c i just found on other sites that garlic will get rid of it! There are 100s of hpv viruses [[not all that cause the warts tho]] and different methods work for different people..all of our immune systems are totally different.


The last post was correct. There are so many strains of this pernicious virus, who knows what might be the best personalized plan for and individual. I have been battling the virus for the last 3 months, and have succumbed to the first of the fall allergens, so I decided to take ginger tablet as an anti-inflammatory, and lo and behold, the warts are diminishing daily, a week later.


nasty asses...??? ok grow up jerk!!! your ass is probably one the carriers who doesnt even know they got it... why comment something like that ya idiot....!!!!!!


Alot of people think that the procedures doctors do can cure the warts... but let me say I went to the doctor once a week for about 2 months and got the stupid little freezing method and one wart disappeared and the rest got smaller... when I stopped going 2 weeks later the one that left came back! Then I got Aldera from my doctor and the only thing that did was make me raw which SUCKED!!!
Today I went and bought the ACV cause I cant go through those doctor appts anymore. So Ill be back in 3 weeks to tell everyone how that went...

But to the jerk off that called everyone on here nasty asses... who goes onto a home remedy site for genital warts if they dont have them?? No need to fake the funk buddy! You probably over there with some ACV strapped to your penis right now! Haha

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