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I don't get abscesses often but they do seem to appear when I am pregnant. The first popped on its own before I even knew what it was during my last pregnancy. After it went away I didn't think about them again until I began getting them this pregnancy. I had one of the extremely painful, anal type. I couldn't walk or e in sit. Any movement caused me pain and it just continued to grow until it got to be the size of a golf ball. After trying several different methods over the weekend and deciding to go to the hospital on Monday if it didn't drain on its own, I decided to try one last method. I made some of the paste from Epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide and my husband helped me apply it and cover it with gauze. Within about an hour I could feel it slowly begin to drain. I went to sleep and woke up a couple hours later to it completely open, draining quickly, and the gauze and my underwear soaked in blood and pus. After cleaning up, I realized the sore was already down to half its size. After going back to sleep and then waking up this morning it is about 95% drained and feeling enormously better. This stuff will be my go to from now on! I wish I had tried it first.

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