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TjB Vet Dog

You hear everyone say it takes days weeks sometimes even months.You can get rid of it in a minute. Now this is not for everyone but for me time is precious. Its like when your in combat and you get hit unless the wound is catastrophic half the time you dont even know you have been hit until someone points it out and and you dont have time to bleed.I have had ring worm before and it seemed like it took forever to get rid of it.I build cars for a living Street Rods Hot Rods 4X4s. I was in the shop my arm was itching when I realized it was ring worm.I walked over to where I keep my A/C supplies Took a can of freon turned the can upside down so it was liquid put it about a inch from the spot and gave it a real good shot.When I was done the spot was frosted over. It was a little painful BUT I NEVER SAW IT AGAIN.Like I said Its not for everyone for me its like poping a pimple and moving on. NEXT!!!!

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Currently trying this with a can of dust remover turned upside-down. Frosted the area over. Unfortunately, it's been a few minutes and I can still feel the itching. Maybe I didn't freeze it hard enough.


I'm the guy who posted the last comment. I've got to say, I judged too soon and didn't wait long enough.

This remedy works. I was skeptical myself until I tried it. Turn your favorite compressed gas dispenser upside-down, and freeze away the fungus. Problem solved.

I had no idea this was even possible.


What can I use to do this. Like a normal house appliance?


any can air will do


Ok, I tried this and would do it again!! though I have the following comments:
-only spray once, it doesn't feel like it's burning or anything but if you spray more times you'll get a blister. I tried on 3 spots and the one I did only one quick psst worked perfectly.The other two got blisters.
-cover the surrounding area so you don't burn the surrounding skin, all my surrounding skin was very sensitive for days.
I used a keyboard duster since it's air and has a fine straw tip so the application was more precise.


I recently had skin thing on my back froze. All other anomalies they treated came off as flat scab. One on back (I couldn't see) came off as s ring. Maybe it was ring worm?

The freezing thing isv great idea

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