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I have to say that i was having a terrible toothache and it felt as if my tooth was going into labor and having contractions lol. But i came to find a remedy that works great that i had to share online bcus these toothaches are the worst. TOBACCO! I know it sounds crazy.. Newport tobacco works best. Open the cig put the tobacco in your mouth and moist it with yr saliva until you taste the menthol then add just a lvery little warm water, swish it around yr tooth for 30 secs and spit out... then wait a couple minutes and surprise! !!! Youwill be glad you did. Hope this helps someone bcus it sure did help me! Now i can sleep tonight:)

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Wtf this shit was gross n really help to much


YES!!! I've had a major toothache off and on over the past week. Taking 2000mg of acetaminophen and applying orajel barely scratched the surface. Broke a cigarette open, packed tobacco on it, and I felt a difference instantly. It has been a full hour and I have barely any pain. Thank you SO SO SO much for the advice! Maybe now I can get some sleep :)


Thanks so much! The tobacco really worked. ��


Cannibis nuff said :D


Can it be any tobacco?

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