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I have to say that i was having a terrible toothache and it felt as if my tooth was going into labor and having contractions lol. But i came to find a remedy that works great that i had to share online bcus these toothaches are the worst. TOBACCO! I know it sounds crazy.. Newport tobacco works best. Open the cig put the tobacco in your mouth and moist it with yr saliva until you taste the menthol then add just a lvery little warm water, swish it around yr tooth for 30 secs and spit out... then wait a couple minutes and surprise! !!! Youwill be glad you did. Hope this helps someone bcus it sure did help me! Now i can sleep tonight:)

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wow drug attic


I Told My Wife To Use This Remedie and It Worked Just Fine Thanks A lot ! Now I Can Get Some Sleep Because She's Fine Now :)


I just tried it !!! Thank u . It really helped because I was skeptical at first but thank goodness I do smoke new ports and when I saw this I said what the heck and BOOM im feeling better


Dear Krystal, Mind your language!


i am crazy after you too!


Swished some Vodka around the affected area and it took the pain down several notches....working on all the way to 0...


Thank you for this! I have tried nearly EVERY 'home remedy' online && this has been the ONLY one to help me!!!


Mind your grammar! And you have the silliest username I've ever seen. Don't be so insecure and narcissistic. Boys find those qualities VERY unattractive. Oh yeah, the tobacco solution works very well. Garlic helps as well. Thank you!


How long after doing this remedy did it start work #help!!!


And bikeseatsniffer isint Silly? Lol.

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