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I have never did what any of u do....funny.sorry, but they are.
Consider bacteria, ground clive n black almond nut ground into a non acidic drink. Cut out high-futose sugars. Honey is amazing. I personally like popping em. Lol I mean why should I be in hell, if the puss needs out. Just be clean. Drink that drink like 3 times a day for a wk. N then ir add it to ur non milk yogurt, it will help. Just keep in mind bacteria n acidic drinks. Which ironically has lot to do with immunity. Yep human biology fun.

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Could you please explain your method in full terms. I found it kind of choppy. Like when you stated 'cut out high fructose.' Did you mean to say: mix the 'bacteria' with milk. Or mix it with water & add some raw honey for taste????
Would appreciate your clear response. Thanks


I agree high sugar content. I noticed that when i stopped drinking energy drinks i would break out. When i cut out cokes energy drinks etc. I bug free.


Fuck I'd change whatever necessary if I could understand them.


The whole point is "How do you get them to pop?" Your health drink might prevent boils but I really doubt it pops them. Did you put anything directly on your boil? That's what we need to know.

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