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LS BL Cream is the answer . I HAD a severe dandruff for a long period of time. It started on my scalp, then scattering to eyebrows, sides of the nose, cheeks, on my back, chest, and even on pubes. It made me no confidence at all socializing with people. I tried almost everything, natural and chemical. Though Head and Shoulders helps as my shampoo, I've also found out that Nizoral shampoo is effective. Recently, my sister was using this LS BL Cream for her eczema and other kinds of itches, I then checked its label and oh! It has Ketoconazole! A chemical which Nizoral has too! Then I tried it! Just in a week, I said WOW! It really is effective! I am no longer suffering on dandruff but I still use it as maintenance. What's most is that it costs quite low! Surprisingly effective, yet in a very affordable price! Last few weeks, a co-worker of mine suffers the same thing.. I then recommended it to him and he was so thankful for it. This cream is being manufactured and a product of China and is now widely distributed in the Philippines for only 25 pesos. Should there be any concerns, just PM me on

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