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Ok, so I have had a very deep arm abscess for about a month. I have an illness & part of my treatment is to give myself steroid injections every now & then. Well unfortunately my illness also compromises my immune system so I'm prone to abscesses. I was afraid that since it was in the muscle, not just a hair follicle, that topical treatments just simple would not work. Well I was wrong. I put a liberal amount of calmoseptine ointment on my arm & then covered it with gauze. After about 19hrs it came to a head & I could tell it was almost there. So I took a pain pill & got a syringe & popped it. Now the the ointment also has a numbing agent which is extremely helpful! It has more to go, but I'm so happy that the pain is almost gone. After doing this u have to keep the area clean & covered because it'll continue to drain. Also antibiotics r a must.
Other things that work r raw potato & bacon. The bacon is great for a really deep abscess

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