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I don't really have a remedy just a question about the boric acid capsule. If you have this remedy could you go into detail how to make one? I asked my doctor to prescribe it but she doesn't believe in it. and I am so tired of the discharge. I want it gone have been suffering for years. thanks any help is appreciated.

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I have suffered with BV for years. I've tried everything! Medicine, garlic cloves... Icck and now the boric acid. Within hours the pain stopped and by the next morning no discharge! This is the first time I've used it and from everything I've read I have to use two a night for ten days... I bought the powder from rite aid in the first aid section. And just filled up the empty capsules. So easy and it works!!!!


I bought my Boric Acid and capsules from Amazon/ I fashioned a drinking straw into a little shovel and fill the largest side of the capsule and insert. This is the only thing that's given me any relief. I have suffered for years and years and tried everything.


I use a compound pharmacist to make my Boric Acid suppositories. These are the only things that help keep my BV at bay! My OB/GYN writes a perscription for me.


I decided to start making them and I sell them on Etsy!! I made a website: - there's a link to the Etsy page on there if you're interested in buying them. Boric acid suppositories are so awesome for treating BVs and yeast infections.


You have to be can order boric acid vaginal inserts from I had to get rid of several doctors who refused to help me. Also, your doctor can call in a script to a Compound Pharmacy for boric acid. DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!!!

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