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I wanted to share the remedy that FINALLY cleared up my angular cheilitis. Some history: I was only afflicted with this condition for about one year or so, but it was a brutal year. I won't go into what DIDN'T work but I'll just say I tried everything. It would clear up and start again within a few days or up to two weeks later. I had it only on the right side and it would affect up to about a 3-4 cm size patch of skin to the side of my mouth, which would turn red and peel, plus I would get the deep crevice line. It was uncomfortable and unsightly.

I am from northern California so a few months ago I finally looked into my cannabis options. This is exactly what cured my angular cheilitis: An organic medical cannabis cream called 'Citrus Shea Healing Balm, 1200 mg, from Edens Elixirs.' Probably any topical medical cannabis product would work but these are the ingredients of the product I used: '1200 mg activated CO2 extracted cannabis, organic raw shae butter, & essence of orange blossom, lemongrass, & palio santo.' Using the product soothed my severe angular cheilitis right away and cleared it up in the usual week or so from when I started applying it. The cheilitis came back very slightly maybe a week later, but cleared up in a few days, and it has now been absent for almost 3 months. I think it's gone for good! That is why I wanted to share this remedy, because I know how much I searched the internet for some relief. I continue to use the tiniest smear of this product in the morning after my shower and at night before bed. It is very moisturizing. I do not use medical or other cannabis for any other purpose until trying this cream. Actually, the cream also helped with some blepharitis I've had bouts of for quite some time as well, but that does come back. Topical cannabis does not alter ones perceptions, nor does it cause a positive drug test. If you have access to something like this it is worth your while to try it. I am so grateful to have put the time in my life when I was burdened with angular cheilitis BEHIND me!

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thanks for that comment! In Cali they know where it's at! That really sound likes an amazing product, will be sure to check it ta


Just found this, a couple years later.. I also live in northern cali, I suffer from angular cheilitis, but I believe that the cause of my woes is from cannabis itself! I usually start suffering on both sides of my mouth a few short days after handling the plant.. anyone have any experience with this?? It's making me crazy.

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