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Tina Cave

Burn a piece of toast, then scrape off the black layer of the toast.Then mix it with your toothpaste, Use this method every night before bed.

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use coal. easy. grind the coal buy a new brush, brush your teeth gently for a few minutes not days, the wash with regular whitening paste and there you have. white teeth if you gently wash them our black and stupid teeth if your a dumb ass. duuuhhhh


Why the fuck would you call poison control if you swallowed burnt toast ash?


Haha Yall are you freaken SILLY! Me and my mom have been sitting here reading all yalls comments and laughing our asses off! haha yall are all retarded!


do not put anything 'burnt' in your mouth......unless you want to die a slow and painful death!! Any burnt matter has been shown to be HIGHLY carcinogenic. add to that the toxic chemicals in out treted timder and you've got a possibly fatal brew. try sage leaves instead.....better still try adjusting your ming set. in my opinion those super white bright teeth (as per most Hollywood dropkicks) look sooo ridiculous and artificial!!


oops..cant spell either....must be the sage leaves!! shud read.......'treated timber' and 'mind'



okay idiot a few comments above me...
burnt toast is burnt toast. it's not
harmful because ive eaten it more than
once and I don't think you've never eaten anything burnt. Get a spell check, too, there buddy.


I tried this. Now when I talk, FIRE comes out of my mouth. This is awesome. Now I am a Dragon. I don't need to worry about white teeth anymore.


cut the bullshit it's brushing not burshing


i have one take a marshmellow and spread it all over your teeth then take dental floss and separate the spaces hold mouth open all day don't eat, drink or talk for one day the whiteness will last all day

lol @ shoop

lol @ shoop

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