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Tina Cave

Burn a piece of toast, then scrape off the black layer of the toast.Then mix it with your toothpaste, Use this method every night before bed.

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cut the bullshit

HELLO!!! This may work, but i wouldn't know, because of the stupidness. The whole point in burshing your teeth is to clean your teeth! If you put food in your toothpaste, then this makes you more vulnerable to cavities. GET A CLUE! cut the bullshit


dear cut the bullshit,


Actually I found if you burn a little piece of wood, then use the black ashes to brush your teeth, it helps. Then you rinse and brush with regular toothbrush when you get all the black out of your mouth


Although I cannnot say I have tried this, I don't think it is the most effective way. And you definetly don't want to use ashes off of wood-there are SO many germs and filthy things on wood. You'd be safer with a different remedy.

White Widow

The burnt additives act as alkali substances which in turn helps bleach out the enamel in your teeth. This is probably the safest and most efficent remedie on this site because it does not harm your teeth.

P.S. The point of brushing your teeth is to remove the bacteria. Hence why you brush again DUMB ASS...


you guys r really idiots


i tried the ashes and i accidenally swallowed it should i call poison control


okay people have an open mind cause if ur looking at this site period or anywhere near it you apparently aRE getting desperate so get over urselves. Shut up and keep the negative comments to urself


This is a good idea, charcoal has been found to whiten teeth and has hence been used by natives for thousands of years. As for the 'bugs' on wood...i think the burning might take care of that.....??


Okay so you burn the toast mix it iwth you tooth paste then brush your teeth with that then brush your teeth again?

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