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So I thought I was fighting ringworm for over a year, even had a doctor perception which worked.

So when my perception ran out and as always it came back and my regular check up was only a month away I tried to stop it on my own.

None of the antifungal did anything, tried several of the remedies listed here and thought the hydrogen peroxide was helping but not enough so I made an appointment with the doc.

Found out it was miss diagnosed a year ago, no ringworm but the reason the script worked I'd it was part antifungal and part steroid and it was the steroid clearing it up. New rx with steroid cream and some Eucerine skin calming creame daily and it was gone in a week.

Everything I was doing was only irritating it more, my advice if the antifungal don't work go see the doctor or give an over the counter Cortzone cream combined with Eucerin skin calming lotion a try.

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