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ACV for genital warts. Ok so I read all these raves and success stories about ACV so I had to try it. I had one wart barely on the inside of my vagina. Most of the post stated that the ACV burned a little but not too bad. Well I'm here to tell you that shit hurts like hell. I soaked a cotton ball and placed it over the wart and left it for a little over an hour. It basically burned everything. It was so uncomfortable I took off work.
I then got a q-tip and put tea tree oil over the affected area and it gave me so much relief.
While I was doing the ACV and tea tree oil mix treatment, I started taking a daily liquid vitamin, airborne twice a day and a probiotic twice a day to super boost my immune system.
Approximately 15 hours after my first treatment the wart was gone! I was shocked and in disbelief, but more importantly extremely happy!!!!
One other small wart did appear after the first one was gone but I'm am continuing alternating the ACV and tea tree oil until that one is gone too!
Everyone going through this should give ACV a shot, it definitely worked for me and I'll continue to use it!

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