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Whiskey works great however Wild Turkey works better (more alcohol) and as for the one who posted the comment on this stating that her mouth had swollen to the size of a golfball....It is due to an abcess,.I had it happen to me. Hopefully she got it taken care of because they are painfull

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I used what I had, Blackberry Brandy, it did help a lot! Enough that I can get by until morning to call a dentist.


Yeah I agree the whiskey works. I have alot of problems with my teeth. I had one no matter what pain med I was on or how many antibiotics I took Nothing.. Worked. I was on 3 rounds of Penacilan and it was still abcessed. I was on several types of pain meds. My pain was unbearable to the point I didn't want to live. everything I did may work for a short time. I tried all the topical pain relievers, the pressure point, the water, hitting my self to inflict pain so I could get over that pain. I screamed I cried I used a back massager on my face. Nothing worked I went to th liquer store bought wild turkey turned her up didnt stop until it knocked me out. I awoke up screaming had to repeat. For 3 wks i drank wild turkey and 2 bottles og ever clear. The day I had it pulled I was drunk. You couldn't tell it because I had done it so much the pain I just could handle alot of alchol. After it was pulled all that alchol hit me like a ton of bricks. I still have problems to this day. I don't recomend anyone one to go to the extreme I did. Cause I could have lost my life especially with the everclear. The Dentist told me the reason why I couldn't get it numb and why the pills was not working was it was called a hot tooth. It was abcessed the day they pulld it out. I feel sorry for anyone with any toothache pain.


Didn't have Wild Turkey but I had 100 proof Southern Comfort. My tooth had been hurting for about two days and none of the anbesols or the orajels were working. Swished the Southern in my mouth for about ten seconds and the pain was gone. Hopefully I can sleep tonight.


that works very well but boy did i have a hangover the next day. but enjoyed not having any pain that night!!

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