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Genial warts can be a devastating blow to your confidence, but believe that ACV method does work. I did that shouldn't be done and eventually stumbled upon this website and within 2 weeks im 90% clear of genital warts.

Okay firstly Im a male, so this is directed at any male who are experiencing the same distraught I went through.

About 6 months ago I notice a small pin sized bump on the base of my penis, and like most idiotic males I decided to pick it off, at first it bleed but it was gone...until three weeks later it reappeared as did two more.So seeing as picking it off went so well this time I removed them with a scalpel, again they bled but reappeared again with more also appearing.
This time I decided to use Duofilm......please never make this mistake,Duofilm is great for warts on hands but not for the genital area, I burnt my entire penis and all surrounding areas, it was painful and lost about a full weeks sleep and the warts didn't dissapear.
After all my efforts I went to the doctor,which he froze them and told me return in 2 weeks for the same treatment.
At the stage I had about 15-20 warts around the base of my penis.Feeling absolutely miserable, I began researching online and found this website.
So here's what I did, for the first night I soaked cotton buds in Acv and taped them to the affected areas, this is arkward to do,I kept them taped for 2 hours the first night and removed the tape and cotton. Believe me when you remove the tape and cotton everything looks worse and stinks, the warts should be white and you will also notice a lot of news one. The nexus morning I'd shower and start apply Acv using Q-tips, I'd do this every 2-3 hours and then at night tape cotton buds soaked in Acv to warts for 15-20mins and then remove.Do this for 2more nights and then take a break for the process for 2 days to leave your skin heal before starting the process again.Eventually the warts will turn black and scab and peel off.TRUST ME they will.

The key things that also works were taking Vitamins to boost immune system,drinking water,sleeping 8 hours and re reading the success stories on this website to get me thinking positively as Gential warts as soul dystroying.
This is a slow process but be patience and it will work. Good luck.

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If you have genital warts does that mean you have HPV or HIV?




thank you very much my friend. I am glad im not alone. god dam this virus to hell. and my foolish ways as a young man. ACV here I come!


I had hpv for a year, after treat ACV the warts are gone. I don't know if it will come back. Does any one do follow up test to see if hpv still there?


Just like herpes, it's there forever. Look it up for yourself cause you won't believe me lol.

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