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My baby has had a severe diaper rash for the past 4 days now. I've tried every over the counter creme from desitin, a&d, butt paste, etc. Even prescriptions like dermocrem and nystatin didn't work. After being really desperate to find a remedy, I tried % 100 organic extra virgin coconut oil and plain corn startch. I will NEVER use anything else again. When I say this worked wonders, it really did. His rash was healed % 50 within 3 diaper changes (over night). Coconut oil has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties all in one. Way better than putting 3 different cremes with no luck. Plus it smells good and makes my babies skin feel so soft. The corn startch helps keep the oil on babies skin and keeps him dry even after he tinkles. I wish I could tell every mom in the world about this. It's amazing!

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zara mills

Hi where do you get the oil and how do you apply it to the bum?


I use coconut oil too. I get mine at target or grocery store. Using it on my little man now.


Costco sells it


I feel like it's easy to transfer bacteria from your fingers to the baby's skin. I started using an ointment applicator that is on Amazon (baby bum brush) and it works sooo much better. It is so soft, covers thicker and faster and works with home remedies and over the shelf cream. Plus since its pure silicone it cleans easy. I even put it in the dishwasher with no problem.


I want to thank destiny from all my heart for the coconut oil and corn starch remedy she posted on December of 2014. I was desperate in search for something to relieve my baby's bottom and thanks to you within 2 days my baby is rash free and pain free thank you and I tell everyone to use it now


Do you apply the coconut oil then the cornstarch on top?


Hi kindly tell me the cornstarch is cornflour powder and how I mix the cornstarch and coconut oil? As my 13 mnths baby s suffering frm severe nappy rash due to diarrhea. I am very much wortied


First apply the coconut oil generously over the affected area. Then sprinkle cornstarch ( not cornflour powder) to dust over the area where coconut oil was applied. The cornstarch will help the coconut oil stay on for longer duration. Do that for the next few diaper changes.

thankful mama

Thank you!! My son really needed this his rash is terrible. And I just happen to have the coconut oil and cornstarch :)

Dayna Fuller

Thank you so much for sharing this home remedy. My 4 month old daughter has had a severe diaper rash going on almost a week now. I have tried everything. I am going to try this tonight! I prefer natural over chemicals anyway.

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