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Hey all. I don't usually post on health forums, but I've been dealing with a bad case of scalp psoriasis for about a year now, and felt the need to share what I discovered to be a natural, easy remedy for such a physically and psychologically affecting disorder.

Here's the list of things you'll need.
1. Glycerin (pure) - can be bought at any Walmart or drug store for about $5.
2. Aloe Vera (plain, non-additive type)
3. Neutrogena T/Gel - about $7 at your local Walmart or drug store.
4. Neutrogena T/Sal - should be on the same shelf as T/Gel. Roughly the same price.
5. Good conditioner. Preferably one with tea tree oil in it.

Here's the process on applying all of this together (this is a seven day a week evening regimen):

Apply Glycerin and Alo Vera to scalp and lather/let sit for about 45 minutes. Rinse.

Alternate each night between T/Gel and T/Sal. Let shampoo sit for about 3-minutes per application and rinse.

Apply conditioner, letting it sit for about 60 seconds before rinsing.

After only a couple of days of following this routine, you'll notice an INCREDIBLE difference in the health of your scalp and hair. No longer do I deal with nasty, itchy, scaly patches and/or flakes. In fact, I'm comfortable enough now to let my girl friend run her hands through my hair. It works that well! I swear, give this routine a shot as soon as you possibly can if you too are dealing with the horrible condition known as scalp psoriasis.

Best wishes.

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Elaine (NWPA)

Thank you Jaryd. I have been following this regimen for ten days or so and you are right, the results are INCREDIBLE...!!! The lesions a amazingly reduced and HEALING. The only change I would make is to leave the shampoos on for about ten minutes vs three. Also, I did not get the glycerin/aloe jelly to lather, but could feel an immediate relief from the itching. Aloe is a healing substance found in oh so many skin products so this simple regimen made a lot of sense to me. Thank you again...!!!


Glad to hear Elaine! And great application tips. I've since dropped the glycerin/aloe from my routine and haven't noticed any issues whatsoever. If anything, I think it just excelled the initial healing process. T/Sal and T/Gel are truly amazing products - and easy on the wallet! Can't go wrong.


How much to you use for the glycerin to alo ratio? I only got my scalp condition a few months ago, and I've tried the shampoo they give you, but I don't notice a difference. I'd love to know the ratio of the two! If there is one :)!


Hey Mackenzie, I don't know the exact ratio, but it was about a grape size amount for each. I'd dampen my hair slightly and first massage the glycerin into my scalp, making sure to really get it into the patchy areas. After about 60 seconds, I'd then liberally apply the aloe the same way I did the glycerin. You really want to make sure your entire scalp is covered. I'm a guy, so it was a little easier for me considering my short hair, but feel free to apply both the glycerin and aloe as liberally as you'd like. After about 30 - 45 minutes, you're free to rinse.

I've since stopped using the two and now only use the T/Gel and T/Sal, as my scalp is pretty much fully healed. But if you're just beginning the regimen, you'll notice that the glycerin and aloe provide a definite boost in the healing process. Your hair and scalp will also feel very soft. Don't forget a good conditioner as well, that too can make a noticeable difference. Good luck!


Do you have to wet/wash your hair before apply glycerin ?
Thanks a lot for your help.


Is it OK to apply glycerin + aloe Vera on your dry scalp (I mean not wet).


BH, with regard to your question, yes, it's ok to apply the glycerin and aloe to a dry scalp. The only reason I recommend applying it to a damp or wet scalp, is due to it being easier to lather, therefore, using less over time. I hope this helps.


Thanks Jaryd.
I've had scalp psoriasis for over 30 yrs, since I was a kid (I'm 42). This year for some reason it got waaay worse. It was thick, and felt like a helmet of hard skin. It was making my hair clump and the bad skin was visible to other people... and if I used Sebco or Cocois.. or almond oil to remove the plaques I felt as though my scalp was scalded for a day or two afterwards. It honestly felt as though someone has tipped a kettle of boiling water onto my head. The pain was miserable and at times I couldn't touch my own hair.
I've tried a LOT of prescribed medications, and they all remove the plaques but I have had to spend entire evenings applying the gunk and picking at the skin... and then washing it all off. Sometimes 3 nights a week, as it would start growing back the next day.
It's not sexy, and I've lost countless evenings hiding away dealing with this.
I was getting desperate a couple of months ago and started googling like crazy. Came across your remedy exactly one month ago... 17th June 2015. It's now 17 July and I'm sitting here with glycerin and aloe vera on my scalp. The difference is that the psoriasis has gone from about 70% total coverage of my scalp to about 5%. Also, it doesn't smell horrible and it only takes an hour or so! My partner keeps saying that it's miraculous - she applies it occasionally for me, and tonight she said she was struggling to find any bad skin! Wow.
She sometimes massages it into my scalp for around 20 mins and has told me that she has noticed that she can feel the lesions thinning as she does it.
I must confess, I did apply it religiously for about 7 days, and then life got in the way - so I have probably treated my scalp around every other day - and it has still made SUCH a difference.
I live in the UK and T/Sal is not available here, so I have substituted T-Zone acne cream, which contains salicylic acid (not sure %age, probably 2%) and Tea tree oil. It seems to do the job.
Thank you so much for posting... it has been truly life-changing for me.


What is a non additive type aloe Vera? Only thing I could find was with some other stuff added to it.


Can I mix the glycerin and aloe together?

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