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I suffer from cold sores and for years was looking for a way to get rid of them quickly. These are some of the things that worked well for me:
1. A prescription for Acyclovir- helps shorten the duration of the sore.
2. Pure Vanilla Extract- clears it up ASAP, I apply directly to sore throughout the day, gone the next day (you can pop the blisters or leave them, works either way) bonus it smells great and doesn't burn, just make sure you use real extract not imitation.
3. Any facial extringent or pimple cream that has Salicylic Acid in it. Pop the blisters, douse in Salicylic Acid, it burns but will dry it up fast. I use the blue Clean and Clear facial extringent.

I will use all three of these if I have them. I use number 3 first and then put on the vanilla extract after the Clean and Clear is dry. I always have a bottle of vanilla in my purse, it is great for headaches, nausea, cold sores, minor cuts and scratches. Read up on the healing properties of Pure Vanilla Extract.

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I tried this with my daughter and she screamed in pain..I made sure it was the pure vanilla extract.. 100\\\% pure bourbon Madagascar vanilla...

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