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I have been suffering for about a month now and nothing is working I took monistat thinking it was a yeast infection which didn't work so I made an appintment with my gyno. She diagnosed me with BV and gave me metronidazole for a week and it didn't work. I am confused because I barely experience any discharge or smell but just unbearable itching that makes me not able to participate in my daily routine. Has anyone else experienced this with BV? I am barely able to sleep and I have tried taking probiotics for weeks and tree tea oil douches which gave some relief temporarily. Does anyone recommend anything??

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do you think it could be eczema? After having my daughter I developed eczema and the first place to itch like crazy was my butt. I thought it was a yeast infection to, but turns out it's eczema. I almost went crazy with the itching. good luck


Metronidazole did not work for me. I also tried tea tree oil, acidophilus, and yogurt. Neither of those worked. After about four years of temporarily finding relief and it coming back, the only thing that has worked is douching with 3% antiseptic hydrogen peroxide. I did it before my bath using about an ounce. Doesn't take much. I also took 6 probiotic pills three times a day that contain 2 billion colonies of lactobacillus acidophilus each.I did the douche for about a total of 7 days. It had now been approximately 3 months with no annoying or white discharge. This is the longest I have been without symptoms or bv as a whole. I hope this works for you. I can't begin to describe the happiness I feel after 4 years of bv. Good luck!

Sarah T

I've been prescribed the same thing and the first dose did nothing for me (it was a suppository). When I went back with the same issue, the gyno gave me tablets and they worked like a charm. Also it may not be BV but a possible yeast infection. Sometimes they prescribe you with medicine to treat BV instead of YA, and vise versa.


Itching typically indicates a yeast infection, not BV.


i have had this for a long time and the only way to at least control it is 1000 mg of vitamin C every 2 hours, acidophilus twice a day, chombucha drink, and I stress green salads and drinks. quit eating bread, sugar, and dairy. the BV feeds off that stuff. Starve the BV for 2 to 3 months and it might die, but at the least will not reccur. It can't live without the junk.


I also am battling the itching. And the pill to get rid of bv doesn't seem to work on me at all. Taking probiotics helps, but hasn't totally gotten rid of the discharge. I also eat a pretty clean diet, I eat so little sugar and carbs. Going through this has definitely started taking a toll on me emotionally.

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