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Human Tree92

I have a Major Toothache. I have tried Jack Daniels/Vodka half and half. I have also tried 2 Naproxen 500MG, 4-5 Advil every 6 hours. I went to the store around 3am and bought some DenTek Temparin Max to fill it in until i could make it to the doctors. Just to let you all know don't use Dentek or any cavity fillings as it will make the pain worse. Usually Strong burning alcohol works the best. My teeth are bad from smoking and chewing. I finally quit smoking and trying to quit chewing. Wish i could change my life badly. Right now mixing Jack, Vodka, Crest, and a lot of tooth paste caked over the tooth solved my problem. I just apply it 2-3x a day.

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Dentek only hurts if you have exposed nerves. I have 2 broken teeth, 1 with exposed nerves the other without. Used Dentek on both. If I used it on the exposed one,it didn't do a complete fill. I let it cover the hole not fill it then I chewed on the opposite side. When I filled it I had extreme pain!


Google free dental day. Also look for dental schools that will reduce the price.

Gums & teeth pain: Clove & peppermint oil, swish mouth with warm salt water, use vanilla extract, tea tree oil, baking soda.

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