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Today i woke up and my hearing in the right ear was completly gone... I grabbed a qtip and tried to clean it out nothing... I took a shower nothing, finally an hour later I went to the local clinic, they looked inside my clogged ear and it was filled with wax. They then filled a soap and water syringe and squirted it inside my ear. I could hear. He gave me drops and I left. Quit torturing yourself and go to the doctor. These remedies suck! You people are NOT doctors. You can fuck around and have permanent damage if you continue to think these home solutions, will cure a potentially dangerous ailment. Y'all are ridiculous. I figured I had to say something because I was so scared, until I saw how easy it was to go to see a doctor,instead of wasting my time researching a home cure, finding a health food store, buying some 'tea tree oil',dripping it in my ear, and hoping that it works. Just see a doctor.

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I had the same problem with both of my ears. I went to the drugstore bought the kit with solution and a rinse bulb. I left the solution in longer then what was suggested.After about 10 extra minutes, I went to rinse, standing over in a bent position I tried to pull my ear to open the canal,place the bulb in ear and squeeze. Darn it I don't think I had my canal open,and I know I didn't have a good squeeze on the bulb! But I did manage to get my sink wet and part of my shirt. After this one try I realized they forget to add to the directions a very important fact ,that the rinse process requires an extra set of hands. But since I was going on 45 minutes of waisted time, I figured I came this far I'll try again.So I got the water temperature just
right (Well for me anyway ) filled the bulb up, pulled my ear to open that canal,ready set squeeze.... I still had clogged ears but I could of entered a wet t-shirt contest!! At least a hour of waisted time, had to clean up a mess and make a doctor's appointment. Went 2 days later and was out of the Doctor office in 22 minutes . The nurse used a waterpix (made to use on teeth ) and when they broke loose and fell in the sink you could hear the ping of the sink! I could hear and it sure was nice. And best of all my shirt was dry when I left the doctors office.


I already have 3 drs and a specialist.been goin on since May


Antibiotics kill both good & bad bacteria. We humans need some bacteria. This is why I use honey, garlic crushed, cayenne pepper & lemon juice. I store in fridge & take daily. I also pierce a piece of garlic then place bulb in ear & above eat food & leave for 30 minutes. My swollen lymphnodes go back to normal. I cut real ginger & put pieces in a tea. These have saved me a Dr Bill for 3 mths so far! I was in Dr office every 3 mths before for same condition. The doctors have told me to keep doing what I'm doing, so they know it helps if not a cure. PPEVENTIVE HELPS ME SO I WILL KEEP DOING HOME REMEDIES. Hope this helps someone. Most ppl know when they really need a Dr. If I get no relief by all means see a Dr

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