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Today i woke up and my hearing in the right ear was completly gone... I grabbed a qtip and tried to clean it out nothing... I took a shower nothing, finally an hour later I went to the local clinic, they looked inside my clogged ear and it was filled with wax. They then filled a soap and water syringe and squirted it inside my ear. I could hear. He gave me drops and I left. Quit torturing yourself and go to the doctor. These remedies suck! You people are NOT doctors. You can fuck around and have permanent damage if you continue to think these home solutions, will cure a potentially dangerous ailment. Y'all are ridiculous. I figured I had to say something because I was so scared, until I saw how easy it was to go to see a doctor,instead of wasting my time researching a home cure, finding a health food store, buying some 'tea tree oil',dripping it in my ear, and hoping that it works. Just see a doctor.

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So I went to the doctors for my ear both of my ears r filled with fluid they said there's nothing they can do just to take benadryl its annoying me not being able to hear any other ideas you may have


I'm!!!! So true though


well, some people dont have enough money to go to the doctor like yourself! Geez lady. Get a grip.


To Anonymous- your language and tone discredit your recommendation and comments. Please be civil when you post


Wellllll considering that I HAVE gone to a Dr and they did that time with trying to get wax out of my ear when I had a inner ear infection, I say you can Fuck off, cuz that Whitehorse than having an ear ache! And also since I again have an ear issue and did go to the Dr and was told it's fluid and it will drain on its own, I'm searching for remedies to help the process along.


To Anonymous- Why so harsh and rude? Honestly there really is no need for it and you're only making yourself seem like a hateful person.Your choice of verbiage, incomplete sentences,and complete lack of punctuation makes me question your education or lack thereof. With that being said, I feel as though your opinion should be kept to yourself. Home remedies have been around for centuries and many people would prefer to heal with natural ingredients verses chemicals from a lab. It is a personal choice for each individual as to what treatment they prefer. Don't look down upon or belittle others for their choice,it's not your place to do so. Now I hope you have the best of luck with your health while you overload your body with chemicals made in a lab; which may or may not actually have any health benefits. Have a nice day!


Agreed with JMG! However,, none of these have helped my current situation, I'm not giving up hope on a home cure.


You said the Dr. filled a soap and water syringe and squirt it in your ear. You could of done that at home without paying a copay. The Dr. didn't do anything special that you couldn't have done yourself at home. I have tried some home remedies for somethings and they do work. My suggestions is to try some of them and if they don't work, then go see a Dr. or call one. I bet if you would have called your Dr. he would have told you to try a few solutions at home before making an appointment.


HAHAHAAA. I completely agree with JMG


Our local Dr has in his medical cabinet: Honey, for coughs. Crisco, for burns. A box of oatmeal, to help stop bleeding. All items that can be used for home remedies. So even drs use them.

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