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I just did this and wanted to share it... I had two root canals 2 days ago. I need one more and 2 teeth pulled. I have been in terrible pain for the last few days, even had to go to the ER last night. I have been taking Vicodin, hydrocodone and Tylenol and ibuprofen.. Nothing worked. The only thing that could give me very short moments of relief was to swish ice water around in my mouth. It would take the pain away for about 30 seconds then the pain would come right back. So... What I just did was take BC powder and mix it with about 2 oz of water. I then swished it around in my mouth for about 2 mins and spit out the rest. After 10 mins my pain was fully gone! It has been about 45 mins since I did that and the pain is still gone. This is the longest relief I have got in days!!!

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This way works amazing! Tooth pain gone in a few minutes! Thank You!!


What's BC powder?

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