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i was diagnosed with herpes type 1 on my genitals. Originally i had a cold sore on my lip, i had an allergic reaction to over the counter medicine i was using. i went to the doctor and got cream for my lips. 2 days later i then started to feel pain on my vagina. I felt sick and i had a fever. I took a shower and felt a small bump with a cut on it. I thought it was a small cut and didn't think twice about it. The next day i started to have more pain. By monday, i was in so much pain, i couldn't walk, sit, sleep or do anything. I went to the gyno for the first time. she examined me and as soon as she saw it, she said it was herpes. I was in schock and embarrassment! she gave me valtrez. i am currently during the outbreak and it is slowly healing. when i have to pee, i take a quick shower and wash off all the discharge on my vagina. it is extremely painful! i also have been taking a strong advil and advil pm so i can rest.My doctor also gave me a numbing cream. i am on my 5th day now, and it is still very painful but it is slowly getting better. some of sores have dried up now but i am still oozing. i have to keep it dry, so at night i sleep with a towel so it can breath and then i wear cotton underwear with a pad. I am slowly getting back to my normal self. My boyfriend and i had sex 3 days before my symptoms came, and he was tested and he doesn't have it somehow. my advice to everyone is to keep it dry and pray because the pain goes down eventually!

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The initial outbreak is by far the worst, but it will get better with time. I remember trying to allow air and sun to the effected area because of reading that helped. I know it didn't hurt to do so. If I remember cold compresses may also help. Not sure about topical creams. I hope the initial outbreak passes soon for you. They should become less frequent and severe over time. Just remember to be upfront with any future sexual partner and outbreaks are more likely to occur with high stress and low immunity. Good luck!

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