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It's Working...

Hey everyone. I feel like I have to share my story here, even though I discovered the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) recommendation elsewhere. I felt a bump on my anus while taking a shower last Thursday. I have hemorrhoids too so I thought it was just that. Then, I took a photo. I had a few warts at the base of my penis a few years ago and what I discovered looked EXACTLY the same. Except this time they were around my anus.

I wasn't too terrified because the warts on my dick went away almost 7 years ago and never came back after I had cryo surgery at a dermatologist. That said, I decided to try ACV before going to a doctor.

It's only been 4 days since I applied ACV to my anus, and I still plan on seeing a doctor for anything internal, but I want to write what's happened so far. Basically, it's miraculous.

I soaked two cotton balls and sat on them for about 1.5 hours. I had a couple beers to numb the pain (it stings) and then removed the cotton balls and took a photo. To my horrow, the entire anus was covered in very wart-like white spots. Healthy skin seemed totally unaffected by the vinegar. I'm not positive that the white marks are warts, but they DEFINITELY looked like warts - irregular surfaces, small black dots, etc.

I went to sleep and took a photo the next day. Let me just say that it was NOT pretty. I hope I never have to see my ass in that state again. Each wart (about 50 if I count them in the photo) had turned green and swollen. The green was presumably pus. Pus is a result of leukocytes (white blood cells) that either indicate infection or immune response to the area. This is technically called contact immunotherapy.

In any case, it's been only four days since I applied the ACV (once) and the warts SEEM to be extremely reduced and falling off. In every spot where there was a white wart (after applying ACV) there is now pink, healing, healthy-looking skin. Once the area is fully healed, I plan on applying ACV again to see what's left and, if necessary, re-do the treatment.

I'll note that after the ACV application, I used a variety of spray on talc, anti-perspirant, and cornstarch to keep the area dry day and night.

It's really just communicating with your body and understanding what you can handle. In my case (I have very sensitive skin), one ACV application was potent enough for this initial reaction.

Theoretically, the reason your immune system doesn't rid itself of warts in the first place is because it doesn't know it's there. For some reason, ACV seems to activate an immune response in the region (in my case, the anus).

Take extreme care because the skin here is very sensitive. If you're hesitant to see a doctor (which you should do anyway), use ACV sparingly as not to damage yourself. Good luck everyone. I'll repost to this forum with my final results.

PS. Regarding internal warts, I don't know if I have them and if I do, I don't plan on using ACV to treat them. The rectum is simply too sensitive to shove acid up in there. I plan on talking with a doctor and assessing the options if I do indeed have internal anal warts.

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I had a wart 3 years ago. and it was taken away by freezing it.
However, this year I have another one on the same old spot.
Making a research, I decided not to go to a doctor this time, and I'm trying to treat it with tea tree oil.
I also used apple cider vinegar. but both hurt so much afterwards, I cant keep it there more than 15 minutes or sth.
I am really trying, it's been more than a week, but I wonder if there is anyway to ease the pain with this process. I also started to feel really down, and sad because of my fear of not being able to get rid of it...
how do you take this pain...? and please tell me people does this really work? :((

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