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Hi. I don't have a remedy, but I have a question:)

Last year I was diagnosed by UTI 3 times and each time it was a tragedy. Pain and the worst, lot of blood. The first time I didn't access to doctor so I only drank lots of water in the first two days, which disappeared the blood and the white discharges. but still the doctor prescribed me antibiotics. In general, so far UTI has costed me so much and I don't want to use antibiotics anymore. I am curies to know if any of you, had found blood and the infected discharges in her symptoms and still could manage it with home remedies? Pleas let me know. It would be a great inspiration. Thank you

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I've had recurrent UTIs for over 25 years and I've had discharge too, which most women don't seem to get. I've found it doesn't cause any additional trouble though and resolves with the UTI. With lucky ppl like us the only things I find are prevention (cranberry capsules, drink water, void bladder frequently especially after sexual activity of any kind); if I feel one starting I start home treatment immediately (cran. capsules, water, unsweetened cran juice, baking soda...yeah, it's a party alright!); and lastly my MD allows my to keep Rxs on hold for antibiotics and pyridium (if you aren't familiar w/ it, pyridium I used to treat the horrible pain, it's non-narcotic).
That's the best I've done so far, I'll share more if I learn more. I know how it is-highly unpleasant.


Last year I had UTI. It took nearly ten days for me to recover.By the Grace of the Almighty I managed to get through it without medicines.I just kept drinking herbal teas. I felt very weak. I had fever, headaches,stomach pain and general lethargy. I had pain and burning sensations while urinating and i had blood in my urine for nearly a month. I suggest you pray to the Almighty sincerely and go for herbal remedies.May the Almighty cure you.

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