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I have been using a raw honey mask applied to my scalp for one week now. The results after the first treatment were very remarkable. My scales just lifted off my scalp in great numbers. I have been on every prescription shampoo for scalp sebborhea and none have worked. It was very frustrating. I have done the honey four times now and all my scales and flaking are 95% GONE!!!!!! I will do this every other day for four weeks then one treatment per week will be done to maintain this miracle treatment. Give it a try.....what have you got to lose but scales and itching.

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Hello Anita,

What is Honey that you are talking about, is it for Psoriasis.


What is a honey mask?


A RAW HONEY MASK... is coating the area with RAW HONEY bought from a Health Food Store... Not Grocery Store Processed Honey..


Can you suggest a brand and when you first used it everyday for a week? What did you wash your hair with?


So you actually put the raw honey on your entire scalp? Before bed? Obviously you have to cover your head with something. It sounds like it would take a lot of honey to cover your scalp. I have it all over my body but my scalp and elbows itch so much I can't sleep. I wanted to just scream and pull my hair out last night!


I find after a bath to put betnovate or dovebet on it cleared mine up on my back and legs but not my elbows...gps will prescribe it...

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