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I fought with anal warts for over a YEAR. I would apply ACV with overnight treatments, it would leave my butt RAW, sometimes with open sores, sometimes caused bleeding from those sores. But it would heal up, and there would always be fewer warts than before - the itching would subside, and I'd forget about my butt for a few months, only to notice the itching and bumps return a few months later and I'd do the entire process again. I started to think I might never be cured but I was confident that the treatments DID work just not completely. I finally realized that I needed to kill the warts that had formed inside at the very front of my anal canal. I inserted cotton balls soaked in ACV nightly, taking a night off every other day. This left a lot of pain, soreness, and open red sores where the bumps had been burnt off. This is NOT for the faint of heart or for those with low pain thresholds. I finally did notice that there were no bumps left, and yet I CONTINUED treatment once every few weeks for two months after I was visually 'cured'. Every time a FEW bumps would appear raised and white, and eventually fall off. It's now been three months since I've stopped treatment and I have to tell you that I am CURED, not a simple bump down there, it's as SMOOTH AS A BABY's BOTTOM. It took a lot of blood, pain, discomfort, but it WORKED. Don't let these people scare you about 'infection' and pain and try to get you to go to the doctor. Just bite the bullet and KEEP DOING IT. Even after you think you're cured, keep doing it until not a single white bump appears after the ACV treatment. You WILL beat this, ACV DOES WORK, it's all you need, that and some high pain tolerance.


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I should also mention that I am a straight man that has never engaged in 'butt stuff' of any kind. I don't know how they got back there. Don't let the stigma embarrass you. I got anal warts from heterosexual normal sex. Not sure how they got back there - but they did!

My advice is to NOT WAIT on ACV treatment. Start as soon as you notice any bumps down there and do not stop until you are 100% healed. I think my case got so bad because I ignored it for so long, until my anus was a hardened sheet of warts all over. Warts upon warts. It was REALLY BAD. But with a hell of a lot of determination you can cure yourself without need for doctors.


so i have to put every day?

I feel some burning on my anus...
I mix ACV + onion + Tea tree oil 5 drops and water (as the same amount with ACV), but it still burning


Mr.cured, how to insert the cotton ball through the infront of anal canal?
And how to keep the dryness on the area near rectum?
Coz the qtip toilet paper doesnt reach the inside of anal canal...

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