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David M. Buttaro

Rick Simpson is a great physician and a wonderful person. His approach to wellness is both scientific and caring for you as an individual.

I was diagnosed with colon cancer March of 2010, went thru two operations and two rounds of chemotherapy before I met Rick Simpson. He reviewed my file and came up with a plan to treat my condition Using Hemp Oil. It was much different than the other doctors in that diet played a major factor. My eating habits are much better and I lost 25 lbs as a bonus.

We ran tests that showed I lacked certain vitamins and minerals so I now take a variety of supplements to help my immune system fight the cancer. I also drink “wheat grass” daily which gives me energy.

The newest thing I do is a high dose of Vitamin C weekly. It is proven that it fights the cancer and in some instances can kill the cells.

Rick Simpson surrounds himself with a highly qualified staff of professional physicians and nurses who are caring and compassionate.

I recommend Rick Simpson to anyone who wants to feel better about themselves and is tired of traditional medicine contact him via this email
he also cures all kinds of Cancer with his Hemp oil, order now and be heal.
When is the last time you got a HUG from your doctor?
That’s how passionate he is about you as a person.

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Stop smoking.

Avoid soft drinks and drink alot of water.

Eat raw food.

Go vegetarian.

Drink green smoothies.


Reduce stress.

Meditate and pray.

Drink wheatgrass.

Avoid all junk food.

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