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Hi guys

I have tried every home remedy and finally discovered one that works like magic. It's so simple. Mine was so big I thought the only way to get rid of it would be surgery.

Apply clear nail polish on either side of the tag once a day. It stings a bit so be careful when you apply it. After two weeks it shrunk away and finally vanished.

Worked like magic.

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Which nail polish did you use?


Was your tag from an old hemorrhoid?


Hi I'm trying the clear nail pollish now hope it works for my skin tag wish me luck


Bumping to see what kind of nail polish you used and if it was caused my a hemorrhoid like mine.

Fun stuff, right?


I have flat skin tag as well left over from a hemrroid. Want to get rid of it ASAP. Did the clear nail polish really work?


Did anyone's skin tag also any discomfort for them when going to the toilet?


Hey does this actually work last thing I wanna do is go to the doctor and I can't reach it to tie it


Does this really work?am so desperate to get rid of this tag.

Lisa Ann

Hi, i have this anal tag for 10 years. I heard most ppl talking about the clear nail polish, so im gonna give it a try.. I really hope it works cause i need this thing to go away for good :-

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