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Oh man wth

Ok so I have to share my experience because I hope ut helps someone else and just cause im so so happy and thankful others did. Alright so one week ago a ping pong sized ball of an abscess that appeared all of the sudden and basically overnight on my taint area( skin in between scrotum and anus). I could barely walk or sit normally and was in so much pain, I was scared and thought about going to the doctors but I was scared and gave myself one more day to see if it would start heeling. Needless to say it wasn't heeling. It was big, red and irritated and hard to the touch and I had to work that evening. Well, I went to work and suffered through it but when I got home 8 hours later it was bigger. I immediately filled a bathtub and got in and started researching. First I read about a lot of stuff that scared me and then I found a little info on oral and topical remedies and was immediately hopeful and inspired to let mother earth heal me. So the wife and I rushed to the store. so heres what I got and used. Tumeric capsules, baking soda, tea tree oil, epsom salt, hydrogen peroxide(altogether $19) and lots of water and definitely something for pain (I used advil). Take 2-3 warm-hot baths mixed with epsom salt and peroxide a day(30mins) and always after a bowel movement. Take one tumeric capsule(500mg) in the morning orally and one before bed at night. Also, before bed each night empty two capsules of tumeric powder, a quarter to a half of a teaspoon of baking soda and ten-fifteen drops of tea tree oil together, then add just enough water in a little dish then mix it to where it forms a paste. Spread it over the entire lump(if your able to, I read you should cover with a piece of gauze. That didnt work for me so I just used a pair of tighter boxer briefs to help hold it close) and go to bed. Make sure you sleep with some old sheets and towels under you cause you'll drain a bit and tumeric, pus and blood stain like a mf. Wake up and get into the tub it'll help more drain. Repeat daily and drink lots of water. Its been a week of this now and I can barely tell that it was there, but im still doing all the above just incase. I think taking the tumeric orally helped alot. I noticed after 36 hours of this that it was half the size and my pain level was down. Just Stay consistent and youll notice results in a day or two. Good luck and God Bless. I hope this helps someone else.

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So what now? it's draining but how do I get the hole to heal? I had surgery 7 weeks ago had packing every day for four odd weeks and got the all clear then 3 days ago the pain was back used the Epsom salt solution and it has now ruptured and is draining but how do I make sure it's heals for good? All assistance much received for this totally horrid thing

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